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Company: Loop Bell Tech Inc.

Loop Bell Tech Inc is a software-based company, located in Farmington hills. Most of our services offered on training’s then placement. We have most experienced trainers working on our live projects, who will guide you through the entire course.

Projects going on are based on Android, .Net & IOS technologies.

For reference you can visit our website of the projects
• CorTracker –
• Chao Desi –
• Cinco Dollar –
• SilverOT –

Advantages you get from the trainings:
1. You will have hands on experience on our live projects and gain useful knowledge.
2. You can update these projects in your resume.
3. Guidance provided in preparing your resume.
4. H1b and OPT stem extensions are sponsored for eligible candidates.
5. Certification guidance is given.

Anyone can apply for the training, but only with EAD’s, GC & Citizens can get placement assistance.
Current trainings technologies - Android, IOS, .Net.
We welcome all interested candidates to send updated resume to And we appreciate your referrals.

For more details, please contact
☏ 2484660714
➦32770 Grand River Ave,
Ste 206b, Farmington,

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